Helping Families in Business Navigate Complex Relationships and Enjoy Harmony, Profits, & Legacy

Do you ever feel that family relationships are harder to manage than the business itself?

Do  you ever think that your business could be really successful if you and your partner could just get on the same page?

Do you find yourself on a ‘merry-go-round’ of never-ending discussions?

Managing family relationships in a business can be tricky. 

It’s my mission to assist in creating strong and resilient relationships between people who can’t easily walk away from each other.

I wrote this book to provide a starting point and roadmap for families to get on the same page.

Discover how to navigate conflict and have successful conversations so you can enjoy harmony and a more profitable business.

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I help leaders get on the same page...

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My Approach

My Audacious Leaders M.O. Program has a track record of catapulting family business owners and entrepreneurs to new levels of leadership, cooperation, and profitability. Leaders discover how to strengthen relationships, communicate skillfully, and step into their full power as leaders so they can ‘Tiptoe No More’!

Hi! I’m Nancy…

  • I’m the third kid out of a crew of six — creating family harmony seems like what I was born to do.
  • I’m an author and speaker about personal power within relationships.
  • I’m strengths-based in my approach to help clarify roles and maximize success.

Education and Experience

  • PhD in Psychology (1989)
  • Kolbe Certified Consultant
  • 31 Years of Experience

Ways You Can Work With Me…

Facilitated Conversations


Workshops & Training

Conflict Resolution

Private & Team Coaching

People Assessments

Executive & Team Retreats

Process Facilitation

Meeting Facilitation


Who can benefit …

Leaders within Families

As a partner in the business you might feel alone in your concerns or see your efforts being undermined.

Step into your full power as a leader, becoming audacious, gracious and tenacious and create pathways for change.


As partners in the business you might be aware you’re out of sync but don’t know where to start to resolve your differences.

Develop new skills, build bridges, and have facilitated conversations to get on the same page.

Families and Larger Partnerships

In addition to customized work with individual leaders and facilitated conversations, you may be looking for transformational events.

Engage as a family in retreats, half- or whole-day workshops, or trainings to manage conflict and strengthen bonds.

Wondering if this might be a fit for your situation? Let’s hop on a quick call to discuss.* Click below to schedule a free consult now.

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