If this is your situation…

…I can help.

If you’ve ever felt like there’s too much at stake for you to voice your concerns, discuss disagreements, or try to make joint decisions in your business, you’re not alone! 

Especially for families in business together, relationships are tricky.

Whether you’re at an impasse because of stalled decision-making, or you’re experiencing outright conflict … I can help.

My mission is to help family leaders get on the same page.

Nancy in Garden

 Hi! I’m Nancy…

As the middle child in a family with six kids (five of us girls!) I learned early on to navigate conflict and create harmony in the family setting.

During  my years in private practice, I saw too many business owners suffer from high levels of stress trying to manage both the business and relationships with family members who work in the business.

My mission is to assist families in facing these challenges before they reach those high levels of stress and before they have an adverse impact on health, relationships or the sustainability of the business.

My Approach…

Audacious Leaders M.O.* is a program that equips family business owners and entrepreneurs to master their mindset, leverage their strengths, and skillfully communicate with their partners so they can Tiptoe No More!

*M.O. – Modus Operandi

My Education and Experience…

  • PhD in Psychology (1989)
  • Kolbe Certified Consultant
  • 31 years experience working with individuals, partners, families, & groups
  • Author of two books, The Business Partnership Survival Guide and an Amazon bestseller for women called Get Your Power On!

“Nancy is a compassionate, caring, insightful person, first. A coach second. She is real and authentic with a ton of knowledge to share. I am so grateful that she has been and will continue to be in my life.”

Tim Walker, The Experia Group

“Every call with Nancy was a breakthrough.”

Sandy Moll, CEO, Advanced Business Solutions